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Understanding the Quattro Trigger

Hatsan’s Quattro trigger is one of the most sophisticated airgun triggers on the market today.  It has 3 user-adjustable settings via 3 adjustment screws. Starting from the front of the rifle:


Here are some adjustment pointers for those who wish to fine tune your triggers.  Make only small adjustments to one screw at a time so that you can easily reset if you make a mistake and over-adjust your trigger.
*Exercise caution when making trigger adjustments.*  It is a good practice to take notes and/or photos of your initial working trigger settings so that you can return to that point should you need to start over.



It is extremely important that you exercise caution when making trigger adjustments.  Always make and test adjustments in a safe environment and point your airgun in a safe direction.  Neither Hatsan nor HatsanUSA are responsible for errors made while adjusting your trigger.